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Boat license in Ajaccio

Boat license training

Our main area of ​​activity is coastal permit training. It is mandatory in order to navigate with an engine with a power of more than 6 horses, and you will pilot to the controls of a ship of any engine, on a boat or a jet ski.

The training is done in joy and good humor, it can be done in intensive on a weekend, but also and especially on a week or 10 days. It consists of two parts, one theoretical and a second, which deals with practice. A first course will be with our trainer Laurent, with video and paper support. During the latter, a fun and airy document will be given to you at the same time as access codes to work independently on the site of the school of French navigation.

On this site, you will work by theme and by white exam to train in the best conditions.

You will be invited to come to our premises to do tests in condition of examination, with us to answer your questions and to take knowledge of the remote control and the progress of the examination. The exam will be in a code room of the DDTM Ajaccio, which will be held on a Friday morning on the date of your choice.

The theoretical training will be a minimum of 5 hours.

The exam lasts about 20 min and consists of 30 questions with 5 errors allowed. The practice is done with the trainer directly, there is no examination.

Laurent will take you on his boat to sail and do the maneuvers required to sail safely with a minimum of 2 hours at the helm and 1 hour and 30 minutes of collective safety.

Following this practice, we will validate your license by giving you your candidate's booklet that will allow you to navigate while waiting to receive your final boat license within 3 weeks.

To register you need:

Boat License - Certificate of Fitness
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Application for Registration of a Basic Motor Vehicle License Option for Motorized Pleasure Craft
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Purchase of tax stamps for boat license
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