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Towed buoy

Are you looking for an activity full of strong sensation and adrenaline? While taking laughs with your friends or family? The towed buoy is made for you! From the Tahiti beach road to the ricanto come and have a great time.

Isula Jet offers you two types of buoys of the Jobe brand, a 6 seated banana or an elongated buoy for 5 people for more speed.

Jobe is a brand of accessories, activities and nautical clothing.

In 1974, Jeff Jobe created the job brand by making a monoski that bore his name and was available in several sizes. After the success of his company and his ski Jeff Jobe extended the activity of his brand by creating and marketing other objects fun for the sea like Wake board, water ski and towed buoy.

During your 15-minute session, you will take a seat on the buoy at the beginning and once out of the channel, the monitor will turn on full throttle for maximum sensations! It will be necessary to fight against the wind, the waves all this while taking turns.

Before going to sea a briefing will be stated with the tips and tricks to fall as little as possible and keep as long as possible on the buoy. You will be able to give information on the speed you want and the signs you will make to explain your cravings once on the buoy because it will be impossible to communicate by talking when the buoy will be pulled by the boat.

All equipment will be loaned to you, such as lifejackets, to make you as tired as possible when the boat comes back to get you on your boat safely.

Towed buoy
round 15 €